Zhejiang SIFANG Group Corp. Ltd.. Established in 1961, is the earliest enterprise specializing in manufacturing walking tractors and single cylinder diesel engines in China. Main products: walking tractor, crawler tractor, diesel engine, combine harvester and gearbox. 1500 staffs in the Corporation, including 168 engineers and technicians; Production capacity: 120,000 units of walking tractors; 300,000 units of diesel engines; 10,000 units of crawler tractor; 10,000 units of harvesters and 80, 000 units of special gearboxes.

Yearly exporting quantity of walking tractors has been ranking the first (No. 1) in the same industry in China since 1989, accounted for market share 60% in 2021; One of the biggest manufacturers of single cylinder engines in China. Diesel engine is the main corporation business between Bhojsons and Sifang. Feature compactness and simplicity of construction, rugged durability, easy operation, installation and maintenance. They can be used as power of electric generator, walking tractor, transport vehicle, boat, pump, sprayer, threshing, grinding and milling machine, etc.


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