Welcome to BHOJSONS Group

BHOJSONS Group of companies traces its roots in Nigeria way back to 19th Century and has since grown to its reputation as one of the leading companies in Nigeria. Bhojsons Group, part of Chanrai Legacy has major presence across diverse business sectors including Trading, Automobiles, Power, Plastics, Hair Threads, Consumer and Food Products. For over the decades, the Group has made a significant contribution to the business sector and country's economy with its inspiration and values. We have won the trust of millions of Nigerians as a provider of quality goods at a competent price.

BHOJSONS Group is guided by powerful platforms and high performance practices. Its techno-functional capabilities lead industry standard on several parameters. The organization is a specialist with capability in providing solutions through its expert technical professionals. The company is a professional group with over 1500 employees, which is led by the globally experienced Senior Management Team.

The group has been thriving on its excellence in Nigerian Market with its constant innovations, Competitive Pricing, Product Expertise, Excellent Service and customer friendly approach which has been the major highlight of its success. With years of valuable experience, extensive study and active product development program supported by highly skilled and experienced team has earned us a supreme reputation among the customers.

It's also because we NEVER follow trends. We DICTATE them! We've grown over the years, into one of the leading business houses in Nigeria. We have moved with the times, rather…ahead of it, adapting to the changes brought about by the technological revolution and globalization.

Till date customer satisfaction has been our greatest reward, which has been a factor that motivates us to continue doing the best.

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