Founded in Veneto in 1975, DAB PUMPS S.P.A. has een operating in the motor-driven water pumps sector for 35 years and in currently recognized both in Italy and abroad as one of the leading companies in this sector.

With five production plants in Italy and numerous sales offices in Europe and other areas, DAB PUMPS has a multinational outlook while maintaining strong ties to the values of traditional Italian entrepreneurialism.

DAB PUMPS ‘production of more than 2.5 million motor-driven water pumps each year enables it to offer a complete line of products that meet even the most specific requirements, while ensuring the highest degree of reliability.

Bhojsons PLC has been an Exclusive partner for DAB Range of Products in Nigeria for over three decades having country wide presence with company owned 10 Offices and 14 Warehouses. DAB Pumps are designed to serve various applications like Domestic 2. Industrial 3. Agricultural 4. Waste water 5. Swimming pools/Gardens 6. Heating & Air conditioning 7. Construction & building 8. Fire Fighting systems 9. Solar Systems 10. Irrigation & sprinklers 11.Ponds & fountains and many more.


Residential Building Service

DAB produces reliable products, technically advanced, easy to install and efficient, ensuring high energy savings in the following domestic and residential application sectors.

Commercial Building Service

DAB develops technologically advanced solutions, highly efficient and reliable, for many commercial application sectors: from heating and air conditioning circulation systems, to water supply and fire-fighting system pressurisation, to the disposal of waste water.

Agriculture & Irrigation

DAB offers pumping solutions for the extraction of water from the subsoil for agricultural and irrigation purposes. High quality submersible pumps and motors, reliable and capable of guaranteeing high energy efficiency.


KPS 30/16 M

The KPS 30/16 M from DAB is a peripheral centrifugal pump able to generate high heads. The KPS is suitable for . . .

Jet 102 M Self-Priming Pump

JET 102 M from DAB is a self-priming centrifugal pump with excellent suction capacity even when there are air . . .

K 30/100 M

The K 30/100 M from DAB is a single impeller centrifugal pump designed for use in pressurisation units for water . . .